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View Diary: DKos Tour Series: Grand Canyon National Park Hiking Trails (Addenda) (55 comments)

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    I have already posted about our trip several years ago to the GC and it remains one of the highlights of my life. We definitely did not spend enough time there and plan to go back. We did the hike everyone does, Bright Angel, and the trail was crowded including people on mules dropping stuff we all had to walk around. But, it was exhilarating and fun for us for, as you said, we wore hiking boots, carried lunch and plenty of water. It makes a big difference if you spend a couple of months hiking before you go and makes the hike so much more enjoyable. Doing that is easy for us as we live near Yellowstone, the Washakie Wilderness and Beartooth mountains. I have seen a lot of people trying to hike or mountain bike without preparing themselves and it can get pretty ugly. Thanks for this great series and I will copy this list and add it to all of my others for future use. Thanks also to those who have added their own stories of their experiences in these wonderful places. It is really fun to read about what other people have seen and done.

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      wynative. . .that's what I called those mule droppings when having to use either the BA or So. Ka-bob, as some folks call it. Of course, backcountry means you don't get to mess with that mess, because no mules ply such rugged terrain. Still, I did share a story with some of my classes, how that mule mess can work wonders for chap lips. I mean, if you happen to run out of the usual balm. I told them all they need do is rub in on their sore lips, and how it works is you find yourself not wanting to lick your lips any more. OK. . .now you know what kind of an instructor I really am went left out of the pen. Anyway, yes, preparing for any trip is utmost in all respects, including getting in decent shape before you hit the Grand Canyon trails. It's also high elevation to begin with, so flat-landers tend to have a disadvantage right off the...step. Still, it's not necessary to rush in or out and I find a slow, steady pace gets it every time, especially coming out. The tortoise really does beat the rabbit every time. As always, thanks for posting your comment and I very happy you find these latest missive-diaries interesting. More to come; that is, other topics. After mucking around for 40 years in this kind of country you find yourself not content with just a little, but a whole lot. See you Thursday, maybe for a tour of Wupatki National Monument, which isn't too far east from the canyon.

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