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View Diary: Ed Markey maintains healthy lead in Massachusetts Senate race (28 comments)

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    "None of them would beat a Democrat..."
    It's going to be decided in the Dem primary

    I'm in MA, not sure if you all are. I watched BROWN beat COAKLEY because of too many people saying the above.

    Six weeks before the election polls, IIRC, had Coakley ahead.

    Sure she contributed to the problem by Acting like it was true...she had already won it. But "conventional wisdom" set it up.

    As soon as I saw the local TV news start talking as here, I was alarmed. MA voters do NOT like to be told how they will vote. (maybe all voters). That talk Made People Give Brown Another Look. I myself, even very briefly, looked at Brown being so angry and annoyed at the "shoe in" talk.

    It is dangerous to talk this way. Even here. Without words like "likely" or "probably" or "many people think" especially.

    Five weeks before the Brown Coakley election I'd had that reaction myself wanting to give Brown another look. ANd i knew I was the canary in the coalmine. I made an all out effort to contact her campaign and State Dem leadership. I wrote and called. But nothing changed.

    She lost.
    Don't do this please.

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