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  •  cheers from clouding-over Florida (3+ / 0-)

    Would have been sunny Florida if I'd managed to get here before (checks watch) 3:30....of course, it was 1 pm before I managed to get out of a meeting and to my desk. One of THOSE weeks (sigh)

    But still, cheers to the likelihood that spring has finally decided to stay, cheers to rain likely tonight, tomorrow, and Friday (a certain number of jeers saved for the likelihood of nasty storms included). I LOVE thunderstorms, always have, but I much prefer they show up without the twisty things attached.

    Cheers to tea (thanks to the conversation on coffee up above). Don't get the appeal of bitter water.

    Cheers to seeing the bright side--the same conversation reminded me of the old Hank Williams song (I actually had to look up the writer--as often as my dad sang (sung?) it, I'd been half convinced he wrote it!). Anyway: We're Still Livin', So Everything's Okay. With lines like "the well's gone dry and the hens won't lay, but we're still livin', so everything's okay."

    Must go back to work. Hoping things calm JUST a bit here soon. Love my job....

    Congrats to new jobs, life easing, and vacation plans all around....

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