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View Diary: NRA Is Winning And I Told You They Likely Would (39 comments)

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  •  What is the end game? (6+ / 0-)

    The Assault Weapons Ban is dead in the Senate. The magazine restriction provision is also dead in the Senate. The Universal Background Check provision is dead in the Senate. All three are DOA in the House. Even if some form of gun control legislation makes it out of the Senate, the House will not even look at it. I do not understand the wishful, magical, thinking that's going on here. Everything even pertaining to gun control is DOA in the House.

    This legislation never had a chance. And no amount of pissing and moaning (or hating me) is going to change that. But continuing this debate will obliterate the Democratic Party in rural America. In the future, we may be able to elect Presidents without rural America, but control of the House and the Senate will always require the rural vote, and the Democrats who live in "the fly over places" believe a bunch of city people are trying to permanently destroy the Democratic Party in every corner of the country outside of a city.

    Let’s be crystal clear on this: Continuing this debate will make rural Republican incumbents bullet-proof (pun intended) at home, and it will crush rural Democrats trying to retain their seats. We are killing the Democratic Party in rural America over a debate that has a ZERO (0) chance of ever becoming law.

    If this keeps up, there is going to be another 1994-style, Democratic House disaster where we lost 52 seats. The Democratic Senators of Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, and North Carolina are toast, regardless of how they vote on the universal background check bill. They are toast because they have not been vocal enough about killing this bill. Stop complaining about Harry Reid. He has been trying to preserve Democratic control of the Senate. But that's a deal undone now, control of the Senate will go to Republicans in 2014.

    I keep asking: what is the end game? Because pissing and moaning on the Daily Kos about how people are stubbornly refusing to surrender what the Supreme Court has said is their Constitutional rights is not a plan.

    •  You have read it correctly (5+ / 0-)

      I too smell another 1994 coming on.  Or at least a mini 1994.  There's no doubt we'll lose the Senate.  So much potential policy work that could have been accomplished has now effectively been sacrificed for terrified and magical beliefs that in the real world would fail miserably in solving the problem of human violence.  I've been a member of this board since early 2004, and I've never seen more palpable, irrational fear-- and its secondary emotion, hatred-- than what's been shown since mid December.  

      Sandy Hook ripped at the heart of all of us.  So did 9/11.  Post 9/11 fear was used by King George and his comrades to take this nation into an illegal and unjust war that killed many hundreds of thousands of people and set the stage for a much wider Middle East conflict yet to come.  Similarly, what has transpired over the past few months has been a strategic political error of immense proportions.

      Democrats, including most members of this blog, will have justly earned their 2014 Waterloo.  What a waste this has been, all to feed destructive fear.  There is no consolation prize for stupidity.

      "Life is forever menaced by chaos and must restore balance with every intake of breath"-- Jean Gebser

      by rangemaster on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 01:47:32 AM PDT

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    •  2014 will likely be a 1994 moment because of this (4+ / 0-)

      You can poll till the cows come home and despite any polling when you threaten people's liberties, perceived or real, you will get a negative reaction.

      How many people are there, across the nation, a group that is undoubtedly highly underrepresented here in DK land, would consider siding with Team Blue over a whole host of issues go the other way because of this one issue?  One thing that this latest push has done is ensure that remaining silent on gun rights issues is not going to be enough to get support.  Anyone who values the 2A will be very wary.  

      The way forward is obvious.  We need an affirmative recognition of 2A rights for citizens and we need to clearly assert understanding and recognition that citizens with guns do not equal criminals.  The rights of gun owners need to be stipulated clearly, explicitly, and protected.  Part of this process would be obtaining any changes to things like background check requirements, etc.  Things that are punitive in nature, e.g. bans, limits, criminal liability, etc, which will never fly, should never even be mentioned.   Once this is done, the push on gun control / restrictions needs to stop - period.  

      Once the gun control issue has been settled, then perhaps, we can begin to work towards a whole host of other things.  Unfortunately, as long as this one issue is hanging over people's heads, there are a lot of people who won't give the D's the time of day.  

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