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View Diary: NRA Is Winning And I Told You They Likely Would (39 comments)

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  •  I'm sorry, but I've said it before and (5+ / 0-)

    will get griped at again for saying it one more time-- but the gun control reaction was the same stuff they'd seen before, same stuff they'd defeated before, and same stuff they already knew how to counter.

    Support was high for universal background checks. Magazine limits. Safe-storage requirements. Straw purchase felonies. Those were there for the taking.

    But no, everyone just had to put their money on Black 13, the Assault Weapons Ban.

    The same AWB that was known to fail in the past, was easy to circumnavigate, and was an object of ridicule. The same ignorant clowns who know nothing about guns argued the same talking points and made fools of themselves again. And when everything got tied to the AWB, and it dropped like the turd it was, everyone stood around in the same poses of shock and horror as before: how could it be?

    Conclusion? People are more concerned with outrageous posing than progress.


    The internet is ruled by cat people. Dog people are busy playing outside.

    by Canis Aureus on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 09:21:06 PM PDT

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