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View Diary: NRA Is Winning And I Told You They Likely Would (39 comments)

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    I too smell another 1994 coming on.  Or at least a mini 1994.  There's no doubt we'll lose the Senate.  So much potential policy work that could have been accomplished has now effectively been sacrificed for terrified and magical beliefs that in the real world would fail miserably in solving the problem of human violence.  I've been a member of this board since early 2004, and I've never seen more palpable, irrational fear-- and its secondary emotion, hatred-- than what's been shown since mid December.  

    Sandy Hook ripped at the heart of all of us.  So did 9/11.  Post 9/11 fear was used by King George and his comrades to take this nation into an illegal and unjust war that killed many hundreds of thousands of people and set the stage for a much wider Middle East conflict yet to come.  Similarly, what has transpired over the past few months has been a strategic political error of immense proportions.

    Democrats, including most members of this blog, will have justly earned their 2014 Waterloo.  What a waste this has been, all to feed destructive fear.  There is no consolation prize for stupidity.

    "Life is forever menaced by chaos and must restore balance with every intake of breath"-- Jean Gebser

    by rangemaster on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 01:47:32 AM PDT

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