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  •  Dear DKM, yes, you are displaying all the (8+ / 0-)

    earmarks of a bigot. Look it up. I can see you sitting at your keyboard, smiling in a superior way, shaking your head at all of us who just don't understand.

    Also, please consider that the biggest "no gay marriage" folks often have latent homosexual tendencies. Not accusing, not calling names, just pointing out some incidents in the fairly recent past. Remember the gay preacher who railed against equal rights for all/homosexualsbad kinda stuff? Turns out he was using gay prostitutes for...

    And, of course you can state your opinions, that is what free speech is. I support your right to state opinions I find repugnant. I clicked "hide" because I do find your comments representative of what so many Christians seem to have become. And that is a regrettable thing.

    I really do support free speech, so speak away all you want. I, of course, retain the right to tell you what I think of your opinions.

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