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View Diary: Tar sands oil spill? Or just 'heavy' oil spill? Exxon loves having it both ways (80 comments)

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  •  Apparently Canada doesn't call it tar sands (10+ / 0-)

    From yesterday's Diane Rehm show (the speaker is Thomas Homer-Dixon of the Balsillie School of International Affairs.:

    I certainly understand the concerns that people in the United States have over the potential environmental risks associated with shipping oil from Canada. But in Canada, we have a somewhat different set of concerns. The oil sands as we call them up here -- tar sands as many people refer to them in the United States do -- that the industry there does an enormous amount of damage to the boreal forest in Northern Alberta, pollutes enormous quantities of water.

    My article in The New York Times focused on a somewhat different set of issues, though, and that is the way the oil sands industries are distorting the Canadian economy in many respects, sucking capital into the Western part of the country, reducing our rate -- broad rate of innovation in our economy and also fundamentally distorting our political system and undermining, in some respects, our democracy because it's very difficult actually to criticize the oil sands in Canada right now.

    In fact, frankly, you're not even allowed to use the phrase tar sands. If you do, you're automatically deemed to be not just critical of the industry, but in some respects unpatriotic. Anybody who speaks against the industry in Canada is, in some corners, deemed to be anti-Canadian. And that's a real problem. It's really closed down the debate, and we're not having a full and well-informed debate, democratic conversation about the oil sands in Canada at the moment.

    (The article he refers to begins:

    IF President Obama blocks the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all, he’ll do Canada a favor.  )

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    by Catte Nappe on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 10:18:35 AM PDT

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