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View Diary: State religion? North Carolina GOP is there (141 comments)

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  •  Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman (4+ / 0-)

    wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln in 1863, from Vicksburg, explaining to him that the social class structure of the South was such that the state legislatures de facto exist to (a) do the planters' political and financial bidding unconditionally, and (b) entertain the white rubes who elect them in their vanities, idiocies, and prejudices, i.e. racism and religionism and low level anarchism.  

    The economically independent upper middle class demographic and the established, morally responsible, upright, and selfaware upper middle class ethos required to provide the corrective it did in the North simply didn't exist in the South.

    The regional code term for the slow and undesired correction of this deficiency appears to be "liberal elites".  With "secular" throw in there more recently.

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