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View Diary: North Carolina Republicans seek to suppress the college vote (100 comments)

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  •  This is odd also (4+ / 0-)
    The same bill would also force people to have their car registered and be registered to vote in the same place, again targeting college students who are likely to register their cars in their hometowns but vote where they attend college.
    What if you have 2 cars? Do both have to be registered at the college or just one? What if you share a car with someone such that it isn't in your possession at all times? What if you have a car, but leave it at home because you don't need it at college? Are you forced to unregister it during the academic year to avoid the conflict?

    Car registration has little to do with voter registration and the circumstances that dictate where you can vote don't always overlap those that determine where you can and should register your car. Trying to combine them in such an absolutist way seems like a blatant attempt to violate federal policy which allows students to vote where they so choose.  

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