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View Diary: Hanford's Radwaste Tanks Leaking & Explosive, Waste Treament Plant Unsafe: Whistleblowers Vindicated (159 comments)

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    Apparently, because Hansen is working outside his scientific field, his analysis is questioned, yet your baseless claims and innuendo are supposed to be taken seriously?
    If you expect Hansen's lay-analysis to be taken seriously, why would you demand any alternative lay-analysis be dismissed?
    Is this where I demand your expert credentials?
    Why bother? Hansen doesn't need any. I have some "expert credentials," but you don't need to see them.
    The anti-nuke rhetoric has as much basis in reality, and blood on its hands, as the anti-gun control crowd. I believe in climate change, and the anti-nuclear contingent has been and continues to be part of the biggest problem that threatens our civilization.
    ??? My goodness, Ozy. This kind of ridiculous hyperbole is not going to accomplish what you hope it will. Nukes have proven themselves too dangerous - and too filthy for far too damned long - to justify. That is what many people both expert and not believe about it, and whining about climate change won't change that.

    There is not enough money in the entire world to invest in enough new nuclear capacity to make even the slightest dent in global warming. You know that, so does everybody else. Thus is the weakest of weak arguments in favor of new nukes nobody wants, needs or can afford in the midst of an engineered global depression. Ain't ever gonna happen.

    Meanwhile, new solar and wind installations continue to come on line as King Coal's antique clunkers are steadily put to pasture. There are kinetic hydro resources being developed and deployed in cooperative situations, to tap flowing rivers and coastland tides, some of the literally hundreds of earthen dam reservoirs built by the Corps back in the 1930s to help address the droughts in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas during Dust Bowl days.

    I believe in global warming too. Why, USDA changed my growing zone to the next warmer zone just last spring. Obviously the government knows it's happening, just like the farmers do. I don't know how responsible humans are for the situation, but I've known humans are responsible for callously fouling this planet with our filth all my life. I don't care what brand of alarmism the environmental movement uses to impress upon the public the need to clean up our act, so long as it works.

    The nuclear PR industry's attempted takeover of the environmental movement's anti-GW thrust in order to promote its own filthy self as The Only Answer To Global Warming is absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed, and so should Hansen.

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