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View Diary: Hansen: Nuclear power has prevented 1.8 million deaths (95 comments)

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  •  why nuclear is bad (0+ / 0-)

    1) the level of capital investment per megawatt is off the scale to do safely.  We can do it badly, now and even then, the
    industry requires massive public sector investment to keep going. (Price-Anderson and Loans)

    2) There is no end game for waste management. 70 years in,  Hanford is a wreck, industrial sites are contaminated, power plants are hip deep in spent fuel and low level waste.

    3) The cost of a critical failure is socially unacceptable.  
    If we built 1000 times as many nuclear plants, we would be seeing, plant meltdowns and explosions about every week.
    We would go from an explosion/meltdown every 20 years to one weekly.

    4) The concentration of uranium ores is falling off, the easy to get stuff has been gotten, that means blending Mixed oxide Plutonium/Uranium which appears to have messy
    failure modes.

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