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View Diary: Connecticut's tough new gun law isn't the only one, but most new laws are loosening firearms rules (97 comments)

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  •  So, anyone willing to bet on how many (4+ / 0-)

    Arkansans have to die in bar brawls before they repeal that dumbass law?  Liquor plus guns, a recipe for mass shootings.  Or is this, perhaps, nature's way of aerating the gene pool?  If you're dumb enough to drink surrounded by armed pseudo-macho guys you may be improving the genome, long term.  

    I'm also thinking we should revisit the secession idea.  Let these folks live for an election cycle without any funds from the Federal government and see how fast they start voting for Big Gubmint and socialist programs.  

    I'm not looking for a love that will lift me up and carry me away. A love that will stroll alongside and make a few amusing comments will suffice.

    by I love OCD on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 02:36:42 PM PDT

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