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View Diary: Connecticut's tough new gun law isn't the only one, but most new laws are loosening firearms rules (97 comments)

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    Unfortunately, New York's law also allows gun permit holders to opt out of having their names and addresses made public, as was previously required by law.  So New Yorkers will no longer have the right to know who among them may be armed.

    •  Even I can see reasons (1+ / 0-)
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      True North

      why this is not a wonderful idea - because people will abuse it, as they did when a paper in Westchester published names.  

      A friend was having domestic violence problems.  One of the first things the county sheriff people asked her, was did her spouse have a gun(s).  I do think there are 'informal' methods of handling things, without stirring the pot further.

      We are probably the only ones on our road to not have guns.  It has taken one family nearby a while to come to respect it (!) but a couple of years ago, he called to report someone was hunting on our posted land!!!  Then offered to go out, and 'chase them off'.    LOL!!!

      (Tom Sawyer strikes again!!!)

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