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View Diary: Steve Lynch emulates Scott Brown in Massachusetts primary (44 comments)

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  •  as a MA voter I don't find this to be a "little" (0+ / 0-)


    "The South Boston Democrat and former ironworker even got in a little dig at the woman who defeated Brown — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — telling the Herald that he would be the only U.S. senator who has “had to work for a living.”

    FU Lynch!

    That was a purposeful way to try to court the same (mostly male) blue collar voters who were duped into voting for the Man with the Pickup and Barn coat and Boston accent.

    I don't even Fing  believe you  Lynch that you think a lawyer and law professor doesn't WORK. There are enough highly educated people in Lynch's (and most people in E. MA) circles that we know that TEACHING is work. By the way, before she became a lawyer and a law professor Warren was a schoolteacher.

    Someone should sling THAT back at Lynch. So teaching kids in school isn't work, Lynch?

    I will spread this far and wide, that's for sure. I encourage any of you who know people in MA to do so as well.

    That was just Lynch trolling for votes. He's a slick guy with connections.

    To say someone's life's work isn't work is a pretty significant SLUR not a "little dig" Warren has spent the last decades studying and trying to help the working people of this country.

    I guess Lynch doesn't value that. My thought then is that he doesn't belong as our Junior Senator.

    He turns my stomach.

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