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  •  The gun craziness (7+ / 0-)

    While I can appreciate the need to limit assault weapons and the like, statistice from just about everywhere show that the vast majority of gun crimes (something like 90%+) are done by people with HANDGUNS, and not assault type weapons.  The assault weapons get the headlines because they do so much damage so quickly, but it is the illegal handguns that no one is talking about that do most of the killing.

    Buying a gun should be like buying a car.  You have to register it, licence the operator, and have insurance.  And most of that gets renewed yearly.  Whats the problem with that?

    •  It might prevent someone from getting a gun (4+ / 0-)
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      eataTREE, RichM, MPociask, Matt Z

      and for that reason, a hypothetical, we should allow any/all people to have a right to unfettered gun purchases.  I think that's their logic, but I've not really understood this whole gun fetish.

    •  I see mass shootings as a separate (1+ / 0-)
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      Dogs are fuzzy

      problem from gun crime in general. Dealing with the latter will require addressing the issue of handguns, about which I'm inclined to say, one step at a time. The mass shootings really are due to the easy availability of AR-15's, and changing that would lower their incidence without changing the overall gun crime rate all that much.

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      by eataTREE on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 11:35:04 AM PDT

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    •  It's more than that (5+ / 0-)
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      RichM, eataTREE, MPociask, snowwoman, WakeUpNeo

      I am a gun owner. It's crazy to say that you, me or anyone needs rapid fire weapons and high capacity magazines, whether registered or not. You are right that most killings are done with handguns, and probably are unplanned, but quite a few policemen and law enforcement people, like Texas DA McClelland, who had been carrying a gun since the first prosecutor was murdered, have been killed with military weapons. Police are too often outgunned. If our government lets people carry heavy artillery, we hasten the break up of our country.

      Many of the gun nuts anticipate a war between blacks and whites, the more we let them have guns, the more likely that they take actions trying to provoke this war, just as the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter rather than waiting for the Union to make up its mind in April, 1861.

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