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    We don't need to go far to find the truth. For example, if you look it up on Wikipedia, Socialism is:

    an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy.
    The key phrase is "means of production". If you aren't talking about society owning the means of production, you aren't talking about socialism.

    We need to remember that socialism is often the best outcome. For example, if we magically transformed the U.S. healthcare system into a socialist system modeled on the ones in the UK, we'd go from about 37th place in outcomes to about 8th, and we'd cut the cost in about half.

    And just because something has the word "social" in it doesn't make it socialism. For example, Social Security does not depend on society owning the means of production. We didn't take over any factories to get it.

    When people on the other side misuse the word "socialism" it just shows ignorance. Sadly, they have an entire factory over there churning that out.

    It isn't owned by the workers, either.

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