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  •  "the poor must be punished" (9+ / 0-)

    This notion among the elite, then as now, exists because they refuse to accept responsibility for their failed policies and beliefs and they need someone to blame other than themselves. Then as now the largess and excesses of the richest coupled with political power resulted in the economic distress for most in this country. Until this country changes its policies to promote economic benefits  for the vast majority of its citizens versus capitulating to the greed of the richest, until then, we will remain a nation in decline.

    •  The elite also have stunning resistance to (3+ / 0-)
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      teacherken, bsegel, tofumagoo

      empathy.  They grew up never needing to develop it, punished if they ever tried to exert some and its counter, greed, has been celebrated as depicted in the movie "Wall Street" by Gordon Gecko.  "Greed is Good".

      Nobody at any level is effective at forcing them to change their ways.  OWS was the best shot we had but I wish OWS had gone ahead and been political rather than just protesting without actually achieving change.

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