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View Diary: AARP Yells "Hey Limbaugh, Get Offa My Lawn!" (9 comments)

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  •  great news but local people need to contact (9+ / 0-)

    local businesses about their ads showing up in Rush's time space.  Some are genuinely appalled while others are quite proud of their presence there.  

    One tactic the NAACP used years ago here was to send copies of receipts where they shopped at a business' competitor with a short note as to why they moved their business.  Some owners take the hint.

    Another tactic was to have their members use Susan B Anthony dollars (I think) to pay for their purchases on targeted days with the owners told to count their dollars and consider if they could afford to lose the business.  Others caved once it became obvious to them how much they relied on NAACP members to keep their doors open.

    When Rush begins losing local ads, which seem to be the majority of his ads, Clear Channel may consider dumping his contract when it comes up for renewal.

    Just an observation but the NAACP and other civil rights organizations made their point by putting bodies on the street  while this movement against Rush is more of the nature of a secondary boycott.  Any chance of this moving to a more immediate level with Rush, like maybe a flash mob wherever he shows up?  Just musing off the top of my head  

    •  I doubt there is any "may" about Clear Channel (1+ / 0-)
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      Andrew F Cockburn

      dumping Rush. The man has become toxic beyond the Fox News audience; if there had been any push-back to the effort to contact his advertisers & ask them to stop advertising with him, they might have stood with him. But there hasn't been any notable examples of this.

      If Clear Channel could have cut Limbaugh loose before now, they would have. He's making them lose money they badly need to pay Bain Capital for their "consulting"! And CC is in the business not for ideology, good music, or anything except the bottom line.

      If the drug addict has read the writing on the wall -- or gets the message when CC shows little interest in renewing his contracts unless he basically gives them broadcast rights to his show for $0 -- he'll announce he's retiring from the business. Maybe go down to the Dominican Republic to play priest to those children he pays to take off their clothes & "confess" their sins. That way if the heat ever dies down, he could return to the US & start up his radio show again. After all, we all know the saying about a dog returning to its vomit.

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