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View Diary: Chris Matthews wonders if women really worry about violence against women (81 comments)

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  •  in a sense he is right (0+ / 0-)

    I suspect there are 3 classes of women:
    Those who have been abused
    Those suffering ongoing abuse
    Those that don't think they are vulnerable

    Wouldn't most people think their significant other incapable of abuse or why would they be with them?  Sure they may feel trapped in the relationship by the point the abuse starts, but then well the abuse is ongoing and they are in the second group even if at that point the abuse is just emotional/psychological.  Wouldn't the majority of women think the VAWA does nothing for them in that case?  At which point we are just talking about empathy for our fellow vulnerable human beings which is equally possible for both men and women.  And at times seems disturbingly not common enough in both men and women.

    Put another way, when he says 'In the home' he means in the home of a woman not suffering domestic violence.  Not the tautological interpretation of in the home as in the home of the woman suffering the domestic violence.

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