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    a 30 round magazine is standard, not high capacity, for an AR-15.  Anything bigger tends to jam, which makes it a range toy.  Anything bigger is also heavier then the magazine catch in the receiver is designed for, so in short, you're speeding up how fast you wear out parts in your rifle.

    The 100/200 round drums you see are expensive, unreliable, and tend to cause excessive wear.  For a "good guy", this is a bad thing.

    The Colorado shooter used a drum on his AR-15 and it jammed about 30 rounds into his rampage.  Had he used 30 round magazines, he wouldn't have had to go to his shotgun and pistols, and probably woudl have killed more people.  His super-sized magazine ended up hampering him.

    jared loughner was stopped when his extended capacity (33 round) glock magazine jamed/was awkward to reload/easy to grab because it sticks out so much.  Another example of a super-sized magazine hindering the nutcase.

    On one hand, if there was some kind of 'contract' whereby aftermarket extended magazines over 10 rounds were banned (10 round 1911 magazines have a role in competition shooting), standard capacity magazines were always legal, and somehow there was a binding promise that gun control was now and forever a dead issue, I may go along with it.  Extended magazines are useless IMO, but counterproductive to the nutcases.

    But the gun control crowd is never satisfied,  the honest ones (DK contributers included) admit that the endgame is no more private ownership of firearms, and everything short of that is simply baby steps.  Also those aforementioned extended magazines ironically hurt the crazies who wielded them more then they helped.  If Loughner  didn't jam and successfully reloaded, more peopel would have been hurt/killed.  If the Colorado shooter used standard 30 round magazines, he could have kept using his rifle.

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