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View Diary: Sanity breaks out on Fox:  Megan Kelly holds NRA LaPierre to Account (98 comments)

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  •  and so once again we're back to the (4+ / 0-)

    "THEY'LL TAKE YER GUNZ !!!!" fantasy.

    Let's just remind everyone that there has been no law passed in the US that has ever taken a single firearm from anyone who legally owed it, and nobody is proposing any such thing now.

    The whole idea that there is a secret plot to take yer gunz, is just paranoid tinfoil-hat kookery.

    •  Bzzt! Wrong again lenny! (0+ / 0-)

      In Califonia, Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act in 1989 Made fixed magazine SKS legal, but detachable magazine SKS illegal.  To clear up the legal ambiguity, AB 48 was passed, 'grandfathering' detachable magazine SKS rifles as long as they were registered with the state and the owner passed a background check.  Seems reasonable so far, right?

      Well, The law was then reinterperted so sks rifles with detachable magazines were then consiered illegal, and beeter still, they were registered!  So it didn't take long for them to be found.  Since there was no national registration, some owners claimed to have sold the weapon out of state.  Others afraid of real jail time or a costly legal battle simply handed them over when police paid them a visit.

      Recently lightning almost struck twice and California politicans tried again to make illegal and order confiscated formerly grandfathered weapons!

      Now, can you see why some of us say that registration leads to confiscation?  Yes Virgina, sometimes they really ARE coming for your guns!

    •  I partially apologize.... (0+ / 0-)
      The whole idea that there is a secret plot to take yer gunz, is just paranoid tinfoil-hat kookery.
      You were right about one thing.  The past and recent attempts in California to renig in grandfather clauses is no secret.

      So a secret plot to take yer guz... is indeed kookery, because they did it before in broad daylight!

      And while ex post facto laws are unconstitutional, the cost to fight one exceeds the value of a firearm, so either way, gun owners lose!

      Still wondering why even lefty gunners here on DK fight registration tooth and nail?

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