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  •  Look, BBB, we have a crisis in America! (1+ / 0-)
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    There is an N-word in the White House! In the White House!! That can't and won't be tolerated by us lily white TeaPublicons! No way, no how! And, until order is restored and Mitt or Newt or Reince (or one of them other cute Republican names) has properly ascended to and taken his rightful seat upon the throne there will continue to be a disturbance in the Confederacy ~er America. And, as much as we would hate to do it we may have to tar and feather his black ass to, you know, set an example, show who's boss, just to... huh? what... ? BBB is an N-word? ~er black bas... ~er African American?
    BBB, we have a crisis in America! The Economy is in the dumper and president Obama isn't helping. We hope you will join us in our efforts to restore America to its former glory...

    [Triple B, we hope you are going to NN13, and we hope we can get you for a few minutes on the radio there! I couldn't agree with you more!]

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