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  •  Willamette Valley is a milder climate... (13+ / 0-)

    in the front yard, my daphne odora and the daffodils are about half gone; our mingy modern forsythias are completely done. tulips are all blossomed, front and back, and not falling apart yet. our fancy peony is making lovely shoots (we have yet to get blossoms!); and the hostas are up just this week.

    the weeding wars are revved up pretty good in front! dandelions, pop-weed, a couple of other things I can never i.d. from the pics on-line! backyard dandelions are pretty well beat back, I troll every third day or so when I see flowers popped up!

    the borrowed backyard quince is gloriously blasting along, although the volunteer thundercloud plum (I think) blossom lasted about 4 days!  the banksia buds are swelling. the neighbor's lilacs are forming up. raspberry canes & the apple tree are all leafing out at a great rate, no blossoms yet.

    back in front, my one experimental low-bush blueberry is sprouting very encouragingly, the new growth? first spring we've had it, so I was a little concerned about over-wintering it. it's sheltered from the heaviest wind direction by junipers & fence, but it's on the sun-blasted south side so it gets lots of light. anybody know if squirrels & birds like blueberries? we built quite a bird-netting box over it last summer but it was kind of a bother getting into it when I wanted to pick. There are a couple of high-bush plants nearby and I notice that they don't seem to net them at all... I expect the stems are too light even for squirrel climbing, but birds??? thx in advance...

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