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    while walking the cat (or at least the only cat I put on a leash for a stroll) he thought that little circular enclosure was just for him since he used it to scratch his back and then he curled up in it!  LOL  But it will be used as the outline for a design in stone.  I just haven't gotten around to figuring out things totally just yet.

    I think I'll do another towards the pond.  it's created out of brick cement preform blocks used for raised beds.  8 of them make a perfect circle.  :)

    The path will lead up to the pond, yes... I really needed a walkway through the garden otherwise it would remain a muddy mess after watering!

    I even picked up some water plants for the pond already.  The guy at the store said it would have to warm up some before the plants took off, but when the sun is out, the pond gets about 10 hours of sun at least.  I wanted something floating in the pond... those fish are just too easy a target if a heron spots them!!  :^O

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