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  •  democracy is still here (2+ / 0-)
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    Because democracy will always reflect those things we truly value, not those things we say we value.  If we value television, and popularity, and people  being rich, then those are the things democracy will reflect.  Many in this country think they can be rich, think they can win the game, so many want laws that will favor them when they get there.  If we saw value in museums or culture those would be funded.

    The mistake is that thinking that democracy will yield a utopia where everyone is equal and everyone is fed and everyone is focused on european culture.  That an educated person is so naive as to believe this is beyond me.  Democracy is here to make sure the people have some voice in the process.  Money was thrown at Romney and Obama is president.  Even conservative states have liberal representatives.  We have one of the most diverse legislators ever.  

    And lets add one small thing to 'money is always anti democracy'.  Due to philanthropy of often conservative rich people I have been able to do many things that I think makes me a better citizen.  The opera, ballet, symphony is very cheap where I live.  The family memberships to museums and zoo are under $100 for a family.  A top ranked museum is free.  I see people like Maya Angelou for less than $100.  All this is expensive, but really, if I don't spend all my money on beer and chips and movies, then there is plenty for these other activities, provided by rich people to help provide an educated and cultured population.  If we only choose to take advantage of it.

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