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  •  I understand and sympathize with your despair (3+ / 0-)

    but a wise friend once told me: "While you're going along being too cool to vote, a lot of assholes are getting to run the world."

    So, even though just about nothing that happens in politics addresses my values I stay away from defeatist nonsense that can't tell the difference between the two (deeply flawed) parties we have to choose between.

    Until we evolve into very different sorts of beings, power (much to my chagrin) is going to control a lot of what effects our lives.  Even if you work outside the party structure (early Occupy was the best thing thats happened in our politics for decades), vote anyway --believe it or not, pragmatic choices are just what they are, they won't infect you with anything other than common sense.  Personally I feel excluded by the values embraced by about 95% of my fellow citizens (I loathe the concept of property, fr'instance), but that doesn't make all of them my enemies, they are my neighbors and my community and I want what's best for all of us --even when that's only a shit sandwich.

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