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View Diary: Cafeteria employees at MA middle school improperly deny lunch to kids with negative balances (55 comments)

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  •  It may not be OFFICIAL policy to (0+ / 0-)

    deny poor kids lunches, but you can bet that the for-profit catering system has built-in incentives to do so - "efficiency" bonuses, balance-sheet sweeteners, you name it. By not making it an official policy, Whitson's CEO gets to fling his hands into the air and piously declaim that of course he didn't want the little darlings to starve - it was a never-to-be-repeated accident!

    Never mind that he built the system that incentivises front-line employees to deny product wherever and whenever possible to make their balance sheets look better for a bonus - he gets his bonus for smoothing this PR disaster taking their heads.

    So, America is what to look to when (newly re-elected) Premier Colin Barnett privatises Western Australia's education support services. Wonderful.

    "Violence never requires translation, but it often causes deafness." - Bareesh the Hutt.

    by Australian2 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 at 03:28:43 PM PDT

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