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    Many of these cities are democratic because of a low non-hispanic white population.  For instance Houston, which voted for Obama and has democratic representatives, is 25% non-hispanic white and 23% black.  In fact the murder rate is probably now closer to 10 in 100,000, on line with other major cities in the state and similar to other major cities in the country.

    But here is what is not included in this analysis.  Many states seem to pack black people into these cities and them let them kill each other.  For instance Detroit has 6 times the black population as Michigan in general, and 8 times the murder rate.  Newark has three times the black population and eight times the murder rate of New Jersey.  St. Louis has 4 times the black population and 5 times the murder rate of Missouri in general.

    But other places, like Texas show how one can not have a segregated community and keep the crime rate down as well.  Texas has a murder rate that is average for the country, and the big city rate is only about twice the average, which is not atypical.  Many, states, particularly nothern, just do not seem be able to get a handle on this murder, or even, rape thing.

    But here is the alarming thing to me.  Gun Violence requires guns.  And who manufacturers guns.  Well, of course the Freedom Group(Bushmaster) in North Carolina does, but who else.  Smith and Wesson of Massachusetts, Ruger of Connecticut, and Colt of Connecticut.  In fact Colt developed and pushed for the sale of the civilian AR-15 and owns the trademark.  Combined with the no-gun-control in vermont and the insistance of the NRA that straw purchases cannot be effectively tracked, and we have the current situation.  In which guns are sent to these cities and used to kill children.

    We could stop it with good laws, but the Connecticut pushes huge funds to the NRA which prevents even current laws from being enforced.

    It is a pretty story that somehow big cities or minorities are causing the high gun crime rate.  But it is not true.  It is do not have the moral fiber to know that selling weapons of mas destruction is not a legitimate means to make a profit.

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