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  •  What exactly is the source of superior (2+ / 0-)
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    Hammerhand, Paul1a

    moral judgement that is "HUMAN", but not "all too human"?

    It's not based on this particular myth or that because there's apparent contradictions and the bible isn't one dimensional?

    If you're looking for a one dimensional moral source or human standard, I think that will lead one far off the path of morality or truth about humanity.

    The only one dimensional story is one that was never read.

    The story of Odysseus has influenced Western Civilization too. There's all kinds of truths about the human condition to be discovered in it. You don't have to believe in hydras and cyclops to see it.

    Also, denying the "validity" of fairy tales is not in the least a creative endeavor. If there's anything I find offensive about atheist polemics against religion, it's a conspicuous lack of imagination.

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