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View Diary: The Ongoing War on Christianity (172 comments)

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  •  I infered that separating reason from (0+ / 0-)

    religion implied atheistic perspective. Godless at least. That is what you mean isn't it?

    These reasons must be reasons that anyone, regardless of religious belief or cultural background, could know for themselves.  Only two types of reasons fit that criteria:  reasons derived from reason (as in the case of mathematics)...

    I think what is happening as we speak in the court and public opinion can be too easily conflated with historic realities.

    The moral baselines you established in your first response to me are assumed.

    John Locke wrote two treaties. Is it just a coincidence his attempts through both religious and criteria based observable reason met the same conclusions. Probably not. Because people work backward from their baseline morality. How could he have come to any other conclusions than the universe, God and observable reality, doesn't contradict itself?

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