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View Diary: Why The Far-Right Is On The Wrong Side Of Reason, Morality, Humanity and History (6 comments)

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    In my contact with the right, they seem to have a belief in a natural order that resembles fudalism.  Deviation from this order is punished by disaster of the biblical scale.  

    They believe, the penalty for de jure abolition of the racial caste system is that blacks will rise up and engage in rape, theft and slaughter.  

    They believe the penalty for creating social insurance is sloth and dependency on the part of the poor who will pose a ruinous drain on the treasury.  

    They believe that the penalty for permitting sexual liberation is both death from HIV/AIDS and the product of these relationships causing more social welfare expenses.  Their own scary tales about black men make matters worse.  

    Their beliefs about guns seem to come from their fear of African Americans and the poor.  Some of their beliefs are not wholly irrational, in a feudal system peasant revolts generally when successful result in the burning of the castle, its records and the execution of the nobility including women and children as any of them could in time come of age or marry and someone will want their human property back.  

    Some conservatives were talking about the Russian Revolution and Anastasia's death.  They wondered why anyone would want to murder a 17 year old girl.  It was because the Bolsheviks did not want anyone around who could make a claim to the Czar's throne.  Given their reading of history, completely understandable.  Its not like today where a dictator children can be safely exiled as very few will take a dynastic claim seriously.  

    In short, conservatives believe that their is a divinely ordained order and any deviation is punished either by natural forces or with themselves as the instrument.  These are not good people.  

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