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View Diary: Model ALEC bill would label those who covertly tape farm cruelty as terrorists (62 comments)

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  •  With ALEC - There is always more - - - - (11+ / 0-)

    9/29/2003 - The original ALEC "model legislation included this statement

    Model Legislation Targets Ecological Terrorists

    Model legislation creating penalties for persons who encourage, finance, assist or engage in acts of animal and ecological terrorism has been prepared by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
    Yes – you read that correctly – if you assist or finance agricultural activists in any way you will be prosecuted.
    That’s correct – finance or assist.  Kinda like aiding and abetting.  And that is important to know – because that was the original intent and once these sterilized versions are passed in the state houses – the amendments to them in the future will bring about the true nature of the true goal of  ALEC – to incarcerate “agricultural terrorists” and their supporters.  It will not end with the legislation that has been introduced.

    The press release for this ALEC ag terrorist legislation in 2003 included this

    The model bill, Bourne said, would give states the ability to enter asset forfeiture proceedings against those who commit terrorist acts, which is not possible under current vandalism, trespassing and destruction of property laws.
    You could lose your home and all your possessions if you “encourage, finance, assist” an agricultural activist.

    And this about the motives of activists.

    “If their voice isn’t heard by burning buildings, perhaps it may be heard by cutting throats,” said ALEC. “This fear has caused many in the law enforcement and corporate communities to endorse new legislation that could effectively rout out these dubious structures of terror.

    An exact quote about ag activists escalating to "cutting throats" can be found inside of the ALEC report that was released at the same time as the original legislation.

    Once the current ag-gag bills are passed in various states - I would not be surprised if the original essence of the original bill to include

    anyone who “encourages, finances, assists” an agricultural activist
    .is added by amendments to the current bills - in essence making any or all of us "terrorists".

    When in fact the true domestic terrorists that should be investigated are the members of the American Legislative Exchange council.

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