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  •  Agree. And find the "gaga" reference (5+ / 0-)

    beneath contempt.

    •  There is a lot of "beneath contempt" on Kos (2+ / 0-)
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      commonmass, Lying eyes

      this morning.  I'm disappointed in the childish response in many diaries to Lady Thatcher's death.  Like her politics or not, she opened possibilities in the minds of young ladies around the world.  My older granddaughters were fortunate to grow up watching first as Golda Meir and then as Margaret Thatcher showed the possibility of strong women leaders in a modern world.

      Lekh beshalom, Lady Thatcher.

      The wisdom of my forebears ... Two wise people will never agree. Man begins in dust and ends in dust — meanwhile it's good to drink some vodka. A man studies until he's seventy and dies a fool.

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