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    stupid "taking it back" line republicans have been using long has Obama been in office? Take the country back from what, right wingers? How about we take our country back from the plutocrats, those are the people who are actually destroying our country, not Democrats, not people of color, not gay people, not non-Christians, not liberals. But alas, they are far too gone into their own twisted realities to see this.

    I feel if we can just hold strong as Progressives and fight for the right candidates and not let up on the issues that really matter, our country will actually have a future that is a lot less scary for my children than the one the right is clearly clamoring for. This brighter future, of course, also involves turning the tide of economic inequality and loosening the death grip corporate America has on our politics. (we've got a lot of work to do) The older generation of "conservatives" and their stubborn bigotry and regressive social ideology will be gone and buried. The younger generations coming up are enormously more progressive and though there will always be an extreme right wing element in our country, it will be pushed back into the shadows where it belongs.  

    The hard right turn of the last 3 decades will be corrected, the pendulum will shift back to the center-left (where the majority of Americans are at now in their beliefs anyway) and reasonable policy making will start from there, as it should. Any compromises made will genuinely effect both sides, both will actually be compromising something. Our "middle" is so far to the right that any compromise is essentially a right wing victory. Just look at the political fights of present: the debt ceiling insanity, violent opposition to improving our embarrassingly pathetic and cruel health care system, apocalyptic reactions to moderate, totally-should-already-be-doing-them gun safety laws and belligerent opposition to raises taxes even slightly on the super rich or cutting back on billions in corporate welfare. Our political system isn't just broken, it’s been shattered into pieces.

    It's been said, and truthfully so, that reasonable, moderate republicans from the past (recent past in some cases) wouldn't recognize their party today nor would they even be allowed to call themselves republicans. I also think that true progressive leaders and politicians from the past would be astonished at the state of the Democratic Party today. (as many of us currently are) When history and facts can literally show us what works and what doesn't when it comes to economic policy and whether to strengthen or weaken the safety net and those in power keep pushing against those shows us how vulnerable the American social contract really is these days.

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