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View Diary: We lost a great lady today. RIP (148 comments)

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  •  Wasn't a crush, but my favorite of the girls (5+ / 0-)

    was little blond Karen. Annette was waaaaay too Mediterranean for me (consider that I was dogpaddling at the confluence of two very large Italian-American families).

    I still remember (for some undogly reason) a song that Karen sang once (in rain gear & an umbrella IIRC):

    Some days there just ain't no fish,
    (Ain't no perch, ain't no flounder)
    Some days you flounder for fish,
    Ain't no fish


    (this is the sound of me whistling the bridge--cripesake, ya dint speck me to remember all da woids didja?)
    Wish for a fish every day
    And you're wasting a wish,
    'Cause some days there just ain't no fish...
    From 50-some years ago...& I can't remember where I put the book I was reading yesterday...

    (So after I go through The Suddenly-I-Have-Hair-In-Embarrassing-Places Change, who do I spend my last year of HS chasing after in a maelstrom of testosterone, acne & insecurity? Who do I continue to pursue intermittently for the next waaaytoomany years, until she puts me out of my maniacal misery tour by marrying the man of her dreams? A little blond chickadee named Karen < eyes rolling skyward > ...)


    by Uncle Cosmo on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 05:45:37 PM PDT

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