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View Diary: Students at Boston College may face disciplinary action for distributing condoms (183 comments)

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    is that it's NOT such a conservative Catholic school. My cousin, who's a freshman at another school, spends about half his nights in his girlfriend's bed in her BC dorm. Nobody blinks. It's a beer-lover's party school. People at BC have been having sex, using condoms, hooking up, etc. for decades. The administration has for decades looked the other way.

    I think most people who grew up Catholic in this area are all more likely to think this is ridiculous. You might think Catholic = sexually conservative, well duh. I, from the inside, think of the complete lack of overlap between the hierarchy's positions and the positions -- and actions -- of Catholic college students, and the BC I've always known had some awareness of that and tread cautiously.

    Sure, if they keep pushing things this way, people will begin to vote with their feet. But I still think it's stupid in the here and now.

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    by fenway49 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 06:38:37 PM PDT

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