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    I was never taken in by Obama.  I was badly flamed for pointing out that Obama wasn't actually SAYING anything.  Lots of passionate words, lots of charisma, but absolutely no substance.  "Change"?  To what?  The lack of specifics was very disturbing to me.  

    It's classic propaganda.  Emotional appeals, invocation of the "true America," lots of the old tropes about our shared vision about the American identity (lots of shots of elderly folks, laborers, families, veterans).  Speech porn, that pulls you from emotional lows to highs.  Stuff that sounds all soaring and important.  A fair bit of passive voice.  And excluding "us" versus "them," I noticed that - "they" are always the ones who can't get with the program or are blocking "us," the dynamic force of American society.  But no definition about who "we" really are.

    What was always missing was concrete policies and impassioned defense of positions.  I said it, and got hammered for it, but IMO Obama is amoral. Literally without a moral compass. Blowing in the wind.  Looking to make a deal, make an impression, gain power.  No true convictions.  That's terrifying to me.  

    I get politicians.  But normally a politician picks a side because they have a natural affinity for the planks of the party's platform, because their ideology aligns more closely with one party or the other.  I have never felt that Mr. Obama truly believes in anything other than his own advancement and power.

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    by milton333 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 at 01:34:24 PM PDT

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