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View Diary: Need Advice, Moving to Montana with Pets! (26 comments)

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  •  Make all your cats indoor cats. (9+ / 0-)

    Train them to be comfortable in the carriers (preferably big enough to hold a small litter box and food/water dishes).

    Don't give your cats sedatives.

    I have moved with up to 10 cats (and kittens), but all my cats were comfortable in carriers with litter boxes. I took the water out while traveling, but whenever I stopped, I gave them all water and then took it out when we were getting ready to go again. The food was always there.

    I also put hammocks in the larger carriers and the cats spent almost all their time in the hammock.

    I reject your reality and substitute my own - Adam Savage

    by woolibaar on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 07:33:14 PM PDT

    •  Be extremely careful as you are packing. (8+ / 0-)

      Isolate the cats in a single, empty room a day or two before you start loading the truck.  Make sure the door stays completely closed while you are loading.  

      If your cats are on the skittish side, you may want to sedate.
      In your new location, isolate them in a single, empty room until everything is unloaded.

      In the past, just seeing the furniture in place was enough for my cats to feel at home.  It was as if they were saying, "Oh, this is where you took it.  Okay."

      And I agree that your indoor-outdoor cat must become an indoor one.  Otherwise it is likely to try to go "home."

      by Ozark Homesteader on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 08:34:00 PM PDT

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