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View Diary: Need Advice, Moving to Montana with Pets! (26 comments)

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    Cedwyn, not a lamb

    If you don't already own one/some, order from Sara R. and winglion (that is, if your cats like catnip--not all do). It can be very comforting for cats.

    I would definitely keep them in carriers during the trip. I would be very hesitant about trying to take them out of the carrier to use a litter box. It is too easy for a scared cat to get away.

    Here is a wild and crazy idea: If they get along, put them all in one larger carry cage (like one for a dog) with lots of blankets, towels, or pootie pads they can curl up on together. Have a second carry cage for litterbox. Find some way to attach openings of the two carriers together (duct tape and dryer vent hose?) That way they could use the litter box whenever they want but would still always be confined.

    I definitely agree about keeping them confined in a closed room until you are ready to go, and not letting them out at the other end until you are through bringing everything in from the car/truck/trailer/moving van.

    I am hesitant to use any kind of tranquilizer--but check with a vet or pet store. There are some cat calming pheramones available (no, people can't smell them) that may help without having to give them any meds.

    Last resort: turn your "travelin'" music up louder to cover their yowling until they grow tired and fall asleep.

    Good luck

    And sorry, but I live in Western Montana, too, and can't help at all with Billings. It is a huge state that you are about to live in, with lots of miles between everything.

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