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  •  Sort of was a big deal, the fuller story bothered (7+ / 0-)

    me more than Spitzer and the hooker.

    If he was sending penis shots on a sex kind of forum and under some other name I could shrug it off.
    But these were mostly young women, older teens who admired him as a politician and he had these steps of seduction.
    He used the same lines, step by step, with most of the  youngest women he sent that picture to. The early suggestive ones... well you could take either way... if no objection he'd move on to a bit more suggestive... leading to picture and then more explicit stuff
    thank the lord I can't recall them

    I sound prudish but my heart sank as I was reading about it back when. Two things... one is how dumb are you to take that kind of risk with strangers on line, using his own name. Must be part of thrill of it.
    But the other is responding sexually to young people who are reaching out politically. That part really bothers me as some betrayal.

    I would rather he was hiring prostitutes and just doing it. That is less slimy.

    Pornography might be an acceptable vocation to the young
    but choose between pornography and politics

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