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    Is Obama the luckiest president in history, or what.  I'll bet Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush lay awake at night and say "did he really get to run against those guys?".

    That said, I think Obama earned a second term simply by being somebody average Americans like.  Sadly, that is all it takes these days.  That's all it took for Clinton and Bush, neither of which really deserved a second term on the merits.  Clinton did nothing his first term except foster scandal (pun intended), raise taxes, and otherwise execute the GOP's economic playbook.  Bush II started a freaking war in a country that didn't even attack us.  Yet, in the end, they were re-elected because the other side had no candidate worth spit, and more people liked them than not.

    For those of us who really couldn't care less about so called "social issues", Obama has been a complete failure.  And, just because he can win the popular and electoral votes twice in a row, we don't have to like him.

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