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  •  The 'far left' (4+ / 0-)
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    hester, lotusmaglite, schnecke21, HCKAD

    huh? So the teacher next door is a far lefty, my Democratic  daughter in law who was raised a Republican and is a real moderate is a far lefty.  What you mean here is that anyone who is to OBama's left and voted Democratic is fringe. That would be the majority of the people who voted. Is Elizabeth Warren a far lefty? Strange that Democrat's who voted for a Democratic administration that is willing to stand up and fight for the people against the RW maniacs  are being marginalized as far left.    

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      shaharazade favorite dkos handles. If the world is so unfortunate as to suffer the indignity of me procreating, I would seriously consider naming a daughter Shaharazade.

      The problem with going with your gut as opposed to your head is that the former is so often full of shit. - Randy Chestnut

      by lotusmaglite on Thu Apr 11, 2013 at 06:56:00 PM PDT

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