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View Diary: Books That Changed My Life—Which Writer Do You REALLY Dislike? (93 comments)

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  •  Out of the many books I dislike (5+ / 0-)

    And ignoring all the political ones, I can think of two authors:

    One is Eric van Lustbader, who wrote a series known as the "Sunset Warrrior"Code" I read years ago. Unimaginative pseudo-samurai adventure stuff. IIRC, I finished some of his books only due to pure shadefreude. Something about certain truly dreadful books draw me in as gawkers are drawn to a horrific car crash.

    The other is S.M. Stirling, whose post-apocalyptic novels I found amazingly unbelievable. Okay, I thought as he moved past the present & more into his fantasy world his books grew plausible. But his assumptions -- most people would be helpless sheeple if all machinery & electricity stop were to stop working, & only the criminals & charismatic sociopaths have what it takes to survive when political institutions, corporations & organized religion failed -- these were too much for me to swallow. (As a point of reference, Late Medieval Europe lost a quarter to a third of its population due to Plague, thus experiencing a systemic crisis, yet civilization still managed to survive.)

    It didn't help that Dies the Fire & its sequels were set in & around my home town of Portland, Oregon so every mistake in locale & geography stood out like a sore thumb. And a friend who works at the Mt. Angel Abbey library found it hilarious to think the monks there could survive a technological collapse. ("Well, maybe some of the older monks," he later conceded.)

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