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View Diary: Chained CPI, Social Insurance and Two Kinds of Politics (66 comments)

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    Not to get too eleventy dimensional, but the chained CPI initiation can be seen as both a challenge to the left by Obama and a gift.  I would say that the WH believes that there will be no budget agreement with the House Republicans (too many fear being primaried for agreeing with anything Obama puts forward).  Knowing that any proposed budget is purely for publicity value. Obama gets good press from the David Brooks types (which I think he could care less for) but it does one other thing. It freaks out a complacent progressive base and forces them to confront their congressional reps.  

    Remember how W's attempt at immigration reform infuriated his base and resulted in driving even moderate Republicans into extreme positions to avoid a primary?  The Obama budget presents us with a similar challenge/opportunity. Corner everyone of our reps and make them understand that supporting any cut to SS is a career ending move.  If we push hard, we can make protecting and expanding SS a rallying cry for 2014. It's definitely a message that would get voters to the polls.  Bush may have blundered his way into making his party lurch further right. Obama's given us a chance (either by blunder or a willingness to expend political capital) to push our party in a more progressive direction. Not a bad outcome for a DOA budget.

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