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View Diary: BREAKING: Leaker Of McConnell Tape Outed–McConnell May Have Violated Election Law (131 comments)

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    on what you mean by 'wiretap' (IANAL, this is what I remember from Clinton's troubles/impeachment)

    If it's recording a phone conversation, some state laws don't allow it unless you get permission or announce you're recording it (which is why you get those 'this call may be monitored' things when you call customer service lines). Other places don't require that, or may have a law that one party has to give permission (and if you're recording a call you make/receive it's assumed you allowed it)

    If somebody ELSE taps your line, that's a whole nother ball of wax.

    But a meeting between people might be completely different, and likely is. If the person is in the room, there could be multiple reasons for recording the meeting, and there are a lot of meetings that are recorded. I might record it so I have a record of it later, or because I have a horrible memory, or because I want to make notes or don't take decent notes to begin with. All valid points, and there wouldn't necessarily be any need to keep the recording for very long.

    But if I was recording a meeting for one of those perfectly logical and legitimate reasons, and realized that my recording provided proof of a crime of some kind, it would be prudent to keep it, and possibly release it or provide it to the police, depending on what it was.

    And if I was part of a group that I thought might have done something illegal, recording meetings might be a really good idea.

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