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  •  large question is how did the cops get the Rx list (3+ / 0-)
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    KenBee, gerrilea, Robobagpiper

    After all, health professionals are routinely required to report if they think a pt is either a danger to himself or to others.  They are also required to report suspected abuse.

    Simply being on a certain med is enough to have a gun permit pulled?  To put things mildly, most FPs and GPs are not psychiatrists and many of them use pills instead of therapy to achieve desired results.

    Also, since I would assume drug addicts are not supposed to be armed, I would assume under such a broad interpretation of the law that anyone taking morphine for more than 90 days would be considered unfit to own a firearm (or at least decompensate when taken off the dose)

    •  NO evidence that cops got an Rx list (1+ / 0-)
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      They got the name of a specific individual whose mental health was in question --we're not sure quite why or how that individual was sought but quite possibly through mandated psychiatric reporting.

      Then the cops some kind of SNAFU took action against a different, wrong individual who happened to be on anxiety meds.  Since it was NOT HIM they were seeking, his meds or lack thereof could NOT have been the relevant factor.

      And because of the SNAFU, the guy sought and was granted legal remedy.  

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