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View Diary: Good news on the deficit makes Social Security cuts even worse (8 comments)

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    corporations and banks created themselves. They have written  the tax for the last 30years. The gambling grifters on Wall St. successfully lobbied to reduce taxes on financial transactions profits and abandoned investments in U.S. industry.

    Corporations lobbied for tax breaks to send their production overseas and got them. And they wrote trade deals that allow them to import these now off shored products into the U.S. without paying import duties. In the old pool room we called this fucking the dog and selling the pups.

    Healthcare benefits are so expensive because of our Wall St run healthcare sector and is the least efficient and affordable in the world. Wall St. and employers shit canned the defined benefits pension system for 401ks. They handed Wall St. $150,000 in management fees over the life of a 401k and reduced employer contributions. Again Wall St and corporations lobbied for this.

    The business sector with the aid of repuglians and consevadems mashed American Unions.

    All of the above depress U.S. employment, so there are fewer jobs and wages are lower.


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