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  •  You'll be envious of the guy's luck if you've (5+ / 0-)

    been searching in NJ!  But the story is good.  The paperback, which I read abt 1975 or 1976, had a review blurb mentioning "the fascinating work of the genealogist," which is what led me to buy it. Essentially a horror story, but not splatter stuff, though the opening scene is a bit of a shocker if you don't know Azor Ahai from Song of Ice and Fire.

    And I neglected to mention a pair of books by Eric Ambler, which seem not to have come up yet.  A Coffin for Dimitrios [aka The Mask of Dimitrios] is close kin to the genealogical mystery.  English mystery writer is shown the body of a dead criminal at Istanbul, as a curiosity, and backtrails the dead man around Europe, on the eve of WW2. Of course, it's not family but personal history that he's researching. Ambler's The Schirmer Inheritance, from 1953, takes off from a PA woman with no known heirs and a $3M estate.  Turns out she's the descendant of a Napoleonic soldier who deserted and changed his name, and a Philadelphia lawyer sets out for postwar Germany to track down Euro relatives who might be entitled to her estate.  Not the archive work in Tully, but an interesting story.

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