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    Half the admits at these schools are men, or women.  That cuts your chances in half, from the start.  Now, Princeton has a football team.  It's not a pickup team.  That might take about 25 men per year?  Varsity sports, for both genders, might lead to 20-25% of the admits?  Not sure.  There's a band, and orchestra --- the list is long.  One person I met some years ago was recruited for Yale because they needed a good French horn player.  I didn't make this up -- he told the story after his dentist got a head's up.  Then, there's geography.  All these schools want to boast that they have someone from every state and N foreign countries.  Yale used to take about 1/6 of its classes from Connecticut. It could be down to 10% by now, but that's California's percentage, not CTs.  

    I used to interview for my Alma Mater.  Out of maybe 80 seniors I interviewed, none were admitted.  Four or five were just astonishing young people.  My advice to all these students was simple: there are 50 to 150 or more great universities in this country.  In fact, the influx of foreign students at undergraduate and graduate levels tells us that this just might be the world's foremost higher educational system.  That may not last as we trash more and more of our state systems, but right now, it's likely true.  There's a university for all the several hundred thousand pretty qualified kids who didn't get into Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Princeton, Cornell, etc.  It's not really the beginning or the end of their education.  

    I think it was the dean or director of admissions for Harvard who said, a few years ago, that they could make a freshman class that had ONLY kids with perfect SAT scores, but who would want that?  

    Around DK, entitlement gets used in one of its senses, but Ms. Weiss gives us another.  I see kids like this parking in spots reserved for medical permits where I work.  

    If you want to get into one of these elite Eastern schools, perhaps the best advice would be to move to Wyoming or Idaho.  How do you think Dick Cheyney got into Yale?

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